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The thrill of dogging

The thrill of dogging is something that’s very hard to put into words 

Pulling into a dark remote car park, normally within a local beauty spot or a public area – not knowing who or what you’re going to find. Pulling into a space, winding your window down slightly and turning the engine off – that’s when the fun starts! it won’t be long until you have interested participants circling your car waiting for you approval!, your heart starting to beat faster….. 

Strangers hands start to find their way into the open window of your car, starting to caress your body, because of the darkness you cant see faces, you just feel pleasure! 

Stepping out of the car to feel  the cool night air upon your exposed skin, the warmth from strangers hands on your body, the warm sticky breath of many strangers on your neck, breasts and skin – your heart racing in anticipation of extreme pleasure feeling them pull at and remove garments of clothes, exposing yourself further until your practically naked and ready for even more pleasure, you don’t care who, you don’t care how, your inhibitions have gone, your craving sexual release and pleasure from any guy there willing to please you. 

Dogging is like having a one night stand, every time – not knowing what potential partners feel like, how their going to pleasure you, will you orgasm, are they big, will you groan out in pleasure – how long will he last and how soon after will you be being pleasured by another stranger!