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‘Dogging’ patrols to be stepped up in Belsay

POLICE are stepping up patrols in the Northumberland countryside after  growing complaints over “dogging” on a secluded former road.

Villagers at Belsay in Northumberland say so-called “dogging” – car occupants  meeting for sex – is steadily on the increase. Now police are to tighten up  their watch on the site close to the A696 at Nunhill.

Although no arrests have been made, complaints from residents at the  exclusive village have grown in recent years.

Local councillor Richard Dodd said: “This has been going on for three or four  years and it’s something residents who live within a few hundred yards of have  become quite upset over.

“I’ve brought it up before and the police have been involved before but if  it’s going to be a constant problem I will pursue it further.

“This is a part of the old road that was there before the A696 was built and  you often see half a dozen or so car headlights in there. It’s also used by  poachers, and I’ve looked at whether the road can be got rid of – but the  problem is there are utilities under there.”

National Trust Revamps Historic Dogging Site

Barrow Wake, near Stroud in Gloucestershire, was first used for copulation during the Bronze Age, when travellers would attach maroon-coloured rags to their carts as an indication that they were looking for a casual hump.

It reached its peak in the early 19th Century and was even mentioned in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park when Fanny Price explains that her muddy knees and squinty bonnet are the result of ‘a jaunty bout of Frenchman’s intercourse upon the Barrow Wake, with Mr Deakins, a magistrate’.

Its popularity waned due to underinvestment and television and by the 1980s it was reduced to nothing more than a beautiful spot for a picnic or a Sunday afternoon hand job.

But thanks to a National Trust takeover, Barrow Wake has been relaunched as an interactive fuck-park with antique condom displays and a cafe serving ‘hot drinks’ and locally-made chocolate fancies that look just like a black man’s penis.

A National Trust spokesman said: “Furtive sex with strangers is an important part of England’s cultural heritage, but sadly in these intolerant times many of our old dogging areas are being given over to pointless, family-based activities.

“We’ve installed a ‘Seven Ages of Dogging’ display which takes visitors through the site’s history and includes a stunning waxwork diorama of someone getting a reverse Dutch steamboat in a Mazda Bongo.

“There’s plenty of used condoms around the site so children can have a ‘treasure hunt’, and hidden speakers mean you are never more than two yards away from the sound of someone ejaculating.”

He added: “Visitors don’t have to engage in sex with strangers but if they do feel the urge to be taken roughly up the dirt box they will have an excellent view of the Malverns.”

Grade-four dogger, Martin Bishop, said: “It’s great how you can learn something about history while getting noshed off by a sad-eyed Gloucester housewife with split ends.

“My only complaint is that you have to go through the shop to get out, which is a bit cheeky. However I did purchase a charming snow globe showing a miniature gang-bang in the back of a Ford Transit. Mother will love it.”.

Police clampdown on infamous dogging spot

POLICE and council officials are launching a clampdown on an infamous dogging area.

The public area at Brockeridge Common, in Ripple, near Upton, is being advertised on the internet as somewhere for people to meet and have sex.

Users of the site are parking on a lay -by on the A38 and then jumping over a fence into a wooded area.

A spokesman for Tewkesbury Borough Council said the illegal activity at the site is causing concerns for residents as well as problems with littering.

Talks have taken place between police, council officers and Gloucestershire Highways and action is being promised to tackle the problems.

The site will be closely monitored by police, and the council is working with the land owner to encourage clearance of the land to make the site more visible from the road.

Stapleford Woods cleared to tackle ‘dogging’

A Lincolnshire beauty spot is being cleared of undergrowth after residents complained it was being used for sex.

People said the “dogging” at Stapleford Woods, south of Lincoln, was forcing ramblers and families to avoid the area.

Lincolnshire Police said it had increased patrols of the site after the complaints.

Council officials are carrying out a day of action at the site and ex-offenders are clearing up.

Jenny Milan, from Stapleford Parish Meeting, said something needed to be done.

“I’ve been down there two or three times and it’s really not very nice.

“Our village is a beautiful village and we don’t want to accept this behaviour,” she said

‘Perverts in Detling woods making our lives a misery’

Lurid activity is taking place just yards from family homes in Detling.

Nine years after perverted goings on in woods off the A249 were revealed, its “dogging” problem has moved to another green spot further up the hill.

The lay-by at Longreach Woods was closed-off in 2003, but deviant thrill-seekers are using a site just past the popular Kent County Showground.

A slip road leading to Detling Aerodrome Estate has become a seedy siren for strangers to engage in lurid liaisons.

“They do it over the bonnet of their cars, in between their cars…” – man living near ‘dogging’ site

It is taking place in full view of Bimbury Lane homeowners who overlook the private road.

A resident of 47 years said the situation was “beyond a joke”.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: “Headlights shine across our back windows all hours of the night.

“Christmas Day, Boxing Day, they’re out there all year round.

“When I take my dog for a walk I’m constantly intimidated by people saying, ‘What are you looking at?’

“They do it over the bonnet of their cars, in between their cars, I’ve even seen one bloke jump from a lorry in just his pants.”

One resident recorded 36 cars “cruising” behind her house between 7pm and midnight on Thursday, March 29.

The closure of Longreach Woods lay-by has received unanimous blame for the indecent behaviour on their doorstep, which has also seen parts of this area of natural beauty covered in used needles and condoms.

Jurgen Dittus, 50, who lives in Bimbury Lane with his wife and 21-year-old daughter, said: “It’s 90% men and when I drive past after working late you can see them in trees exposing themselves.”

Following residents’ complaints, police have stopped 40 cars in the area in the last month which it is claimed has reduced reports of anti-social behaviour. No arrests were made

Sgt Nick Hatcher said: “We will continue to monitor and respond to any further reports.”