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Fife Council closes off Crossgates ‘dogging’ hotspot layby

A Fife “dogging” hotspot has been closed off amid fears other public areas are being used for outdoor sex sessions.

Fife Council blocked access to a layby near Crossgates to prevent the site being illegally used by Travellers, and it has also had the effect of deterring doggers.

The layby is listed by the website Swinging Heaven as a top dogging site, along with Tentsmuir Forest, the car park outside Central Park in Cowdenbeath and the Lomond Hills.

However, the site adds: “Council have now blocked access at both ends so no action there anymore.”

Cowdenbeath councillor Peter Lockhart raised concerns about the car park beside Central Park, the home of Cowdenbeath FC, being listed.

He said: “I’ve asked police to look into it. It’s the last thing we need in Cowdenbeath.

“You don’t want it happening anywhere. What folk do in their own homes, and their own beds, is none of my business, but you don’t want to see it happening in public places where people could stumble on it.”

Cowdenbeath FC chief executive Alex Anderson said: “It’s nothing to do with the football club. Our car park is fully locked up.”

mother-of-three puts up ‘no dogging’ sign outside her home

A mother-of-three has put up a ‘no dogging’  sign outside her home after becoming fed up with people meeting on the street  for sex.

Marie Owen said she spotted unknown vehicles  turning up outside her home in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, after living at the  house for just a few months.

The 27-year-old said she feared her young  children could witness the nocturnal activity and so decided to put up a sign  urging ‘doggers’ to stay away from the area.

Ms Owen and her children Phoebe, five, Chloe,  three and Andrew, two, moved into the home just a few months ago, but she soon  spotted unknown vehicles turning up outside at night time.

She said: ‘I looked out of the window and  there was a car parked up and all of a sudden another turned up.

‘I could see clear as day what was going on  inside, and I was disgusted. It was happening right outside my house while my  young children were asleep inside.


Birdlip Dogging – New dogging location

A brand new dogging location recently listed on website, has been shown as one of the hottest dogging locations in the uk with couples and singles flocking to this newly discovered car park to engage in dogging sex.

The new location is only 2 miles from the famous birdlip viewpoint, which as been renowned for dogging over the last 10 years.

Tog Hill Dogging – Dogging in Bath

Tog Hill for those that don’t know it is a dogging location off the A46 to Bath – a car park and picnic site with plenty of dogging action including gay doggers too. As Dogging After Dark are now celebrating ten years on the net sharing maps and locations of dogging sites aswell as building up a strong dogging community forum I decided to include a pic of a dogging sex session at Tog Hill. Insatiable dogging wife Rachel sent me this picture of her getting to know some Dogging After Dark members one night in late September. There was a long queue of members all ready to let cum slut Rachel suck and fuck their cocks aswell as some dogging wives getting in on the action. Don’t worry Rachel managed to keep them all happy and is only too happy to share the pics and movies with fellow horny doggers.