Monthly Archives: December 2014

Dogging trends increase in December

Almost 2015 and we are still seeing a constant increase in the level of dogging activity all over the UK, with new dogging locations being posted on a regular weekly basis.

Obviously the milder weather helps anyone who is involved in this kind of activity, continue to do so throughout the winter months, and it would appear they is an ever increasing amount of activity in all areas of the UK.

We have seen a noted increase in new dogging locations for the UK being added for pretty much most areas in the UK, South West and Midlands locations have doubled in the last month and South East and Northern locations have seen a dramatic increase over the last few weeks with many new locations reported as extremely “hot” new dogging locations.

On several of the links to the right you will find extensive lists and databases of UK dogging locations, with After Dark still leading the way in the UK with an internet presence since 1999.