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Stroud dogging location

Two new dogging locations for Stroud listed over the last few weeks are proving to be very popular new locations in Gloucestershire.

Both sites are very secluded providing excellent dogging after dark for local couples and singles, with easy access just off the M5 and plenty of parking available.

Both locations were listed together with photos and maps on the Dogging After Dark Forums and have quickly become favourite hotspots in the area.

Dogging website dogging after dark

The dogging website, has been live on the internet since 1999, making it quite possibly the biggest and most comprehensive dogging website available.

Dogging after dark offers a membership database of over 20 thousand UK dogging members, and one of the only website to provide a full listing of dogging locations with maps and directions. They also have a dogging contacts section where you can easily see who is meeting up and an what location all over the UK, making it very easy to arrange a dogging meet or join in with other doggers who are meeting up that evening.

A huge photo gallery with videos too, built up from user submitted content over the last 14 years.

Birmingham dogging locations listed

This week we see 3 new dogging locations listed on DoggingAfterdark, the new locations listed are the latest and hottest locations, claiming to be far more popular than Cannock Chase with there secluded location and popularity with couples who enjoy going dogging most evenings and weekends.

DoggingAfterDark, lists new dogging locations on a weekly basis, and with over 10 thousand members in the UK its not hard to realise how popular this kind of activity is and how often new dogging locations are discovered and listed on the website.  Members use the website to post when they will be at a particular location and if they are looking to meet and have sex with other couples or with single guys.

Dogging in Derbyshire

MARKEATON Park and Allestree Park are both on a list of top dogging sites in Derbyshire.

The popular family destinations appear to take on a more seedy edge under the cover of darkness, according to one website, Dogging AfterDark.

The site points out the secluded car parks as being a draw for the “doggers”.

The underground practice involves people performing sex acts in cars or in secluded spots while others watch.

Those who take part claim the activity falls through a legal loophole because it is not an offence to have sex in public unless it causes outrage to a witness.

Participants often meet and share information online, and several websites contain lists of popular dogging locations across Derbyshire.

The Allestree site hit the headlines during the trial of Mick and Mairead Philpott, who had taken part in the activity in one of the car parks.

And, in 2009, Derbyshire police cracked down on the Markeaton Park site to stop doggers from using the car park.

Other areas said to be popular with doggers are Manners Industrial Estate, Ilkeston, as well as Matlock’s High Ordish picnic site.

Hardwick Park, Clay Cross; Sandy Lane, Horsley; Staunton Harold Reservoir, in Melbourne; and the old brick works site at Ripley are also said to be popular sites.

However, the site does debunk one “myth” stating that Alport Heights near Wirksworth is a “complete wild goose chase”.

Dogging After Dark