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Activity ‘increases’ at notorious dogging hotspots now lockdown has eased

The UK countryside is loved by many, perhaps a little too much by some.

Whilst most people enjoy weekend walks and the views provided by nature, others prefer a trip to their local dogging hotspot for some intimate action with some strangers.

The term is slang for engaging in, or watching, sexual activity in a public place and, although it does seem an unusual hobby for some, it is most likely happening closer to home than you may want to believe.

There are no shortages of locations or people prepared to indulge in a spot of dogging with locations being advertised on

The adult swinging and dogging website provides locations with maps and directions for the whole of the UK, which allows its members to meet up with others with similar interests in engaging in sexual activities.

Although dogging itself is not illegal, people who engage in the act could be charged with a number of offences; however this can be a very grey area with several loopholes.