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Beauty spots listed as top dogging sites

SOME of Dungannon District’s most popular beauty spots and family locations are being targeted by seedy strangers to go ‘dogging’.

Following condemnation last week by the DUP of the practice known as ‘dogging’, the Tyrone Times can reveal that 913 local people are registered members of a website promoting ‘dogging’ at local car parks and public sites in Dungannon, Castlecaulfield, Eglish, Benburb, Ardboe, and Aughnacloy.

A total of 28 locations in the county are advertised on the website dogging after dark, with 7 in the Dungannon District. catering to the needs of couples and single people “attempting to meet exciting sensuous people who are interested in the same of similar lifestyle activities.”

Users have openly advertised meeting spots for ‘dogging’ such as one behind a nursing home near Dungannon Park, with the advice to turn up after dark and flash your car headlights a certain number of times.

Advocates of the kinky practice are also invited to Parkanaur Forest Park and Brantry Lough after dark.

One online writer claims that Parkanaur Forest Park is “starting to get more popular on a sunday or wednesday nite about midnight. Cars flash their lights twice.”

The directions for one reputed site in Ardboe includes the line ‘plenty of hot action from 1am’.

DUP MLA Maurice Morrow condemned the activity. “This behaviour and its flagrant promotion are entirely unacceptable”, he said.

“To attempt to convert beauty spots and areas utilised by families into some sort of deviant den, is to jeopardise everyone else’s accessibility to public spaces.

“Such activities, which are always carried out covertly given the shame which would be invoked on being discovered, are a blight on the borough.” “They will end up driving people out of the public parks, as the threat of sexual activity – consensual or otherwise – is not what the average family expects to encounter when taking children to the park. It is utterly abhorrent, and will not be tolerated.

Stately home dogging hotspot

After a tip-off from a sickened resident, the WHT visited the site next to a lay-by off Marford Road, in Lemsford, and an array of discoveries were made in the undergrowth.

There, littered amongst the trees and bushes, were scores of condom wrappers, used condoms, lubricant sachets, rubber gloves and a discarded Viagra packet.

There were even two mattresses which were laid next to a bottle of what appeared to be urine, dumped on the floor of the site.

After the WHT reported fears over WGC becoming a dogging hotspot two weeks ago, a disgusted resident suggested: “Try patrolling that lay-by on Marford Road that backs onto Brocket Park.

“The footpath down to the river and the woods are littered with sexual paraphernalia – grim.”

Initially, the site was believed to be a ‘dogging’ location, but police believe it is used for gay ‘cruising’.

The site was listed on website, which has a review of the location.

It read: “Parking area with public foot path into woods.

“All ages and types.

“Very active during spring and summer between noon-2pm and 5pm-7pm.”

But it helpfully warns: “Watch out for dog walkers and courting couples.”

Brocket Hall’s general manager John Keating admitted he was powerless to stop people gaining access to the area.