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New locations added and updated with maps, directions and full reviews, view the locations for the whole of the UK at

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Where do you go dogging? – Dogging Locations

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How do you find out where to go and what are the best locations in your local area.

It is fair to say that predominantly dogging takes place in country parks and wooded car parks, places such as beauty spots and areas where it is secluded late at night as normally you would only expect to find people engaging in this activity after 11pm in the evening and midnight being a very popular time with most couples and singles.

Explore the links we provide to websites that offer locations that are updated weekly, quite often with maps and directions and the best time to visit and where to park amongst other useful information to enable you to take part. If this is something that is totally new to you then do your research first as it is not as simple as just driving to a locations and finding action immediately. You really will need to spend some time reading up and researching the information and what better place than on the After Dark websites. has had an internet presence since 1999, making the website one of the most established websites on the internet and as well as it’s dogging community you will also find a huge amount of videos, photos, contacts, a forum to arrange meets and discuss locations and their current status, plus chat to other members and pre-arrange meets. Although some would say pre-arranged is not “real” proper dogging.

You will find the locations are updated regular and will include advice on the best places to visit and what the current status of that particular location is at the current time as many locations do get flooded or closed up and locked down, and some can be patrolled regular.

It is also important to follow the rules, stay safe and stay legal, all of this information can be found easily online.

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Dogging in the UK today

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Dogging in the UK today has grown to become more popular than ever and with the roadmap out of lockdown the craze for sex in car parks and secluded locations is resuming throughout the UK.

Public locations such as laybys, country parks, beauty spots, beaches, public toilets, public parks, forests and other vacant rural areas. The main distinguishing factor between normal ordinary sex and dogging is the audience or spectators. And the involvement of random total strangers who seek out these secluded country locations to indulge in sexual after dark fun with other likeminded people.

Thanks to websites like Dogging After Dark, doggers now have a better way of establishing meeting places and contacts to arrange local meets. Contacts were previously made in person and were limited to known locations such as country parks that were made famous within the dogging community until the police uncovered and closed down these places. The After Dark websites have forums and other websites to allow its members to find the very latest best places to visit and when to go as well as providing detailed reviews, maps and directions, making it so easy for its members to arrange meet ups or join in with other members who have posted when and where they are going to be dogging.

Take a look and browse through the directory of dogging locations and latest hotspots in the UK and then view the posts of local meets that are scheduled all over the UK.

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Where to go dogging? Dogging locations

Spread the love gives you the latest and hottest dogging locations in the UK, with Maps, Directions, Reviews and Member Meets listed with locations and times. Plus access to the complete After Dark Network of websites.

Come and meet me out dogging!! –

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UK Amateur Housewife Videos

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Over 10,000 Downloadable Videos

Visit UK Amateurs

Visit UK Amateurs

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Covid Lockdown Dogging

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You can exercise or visit outdoor public places with “the people you live with, your support bubble or one person from another household”.

The guidance specifies that public spaces include: “Neighbourhood streets, parks, beaches, countryside, public gardens, allotments, and outdoor playgrounds.”

The nation has taken this to mean we can all go dogging! Because if there’s ever a time to be shagging outside, it’s definitely the middle of winter.

We are seeing tons of new locations for dogging and gloryholes posted and listed on Dogging AfterDark with Maps and Directions, Photos, Videos and Member meets throughout the UK.

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Dogging Locations and Meets

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Locations and Meets posted weekly on Members forums, many with detailed maps and directions with reviews and members videos and photos.

Dogging After Dark have been on the internet since 1999 making them one of the longest standing and most comprehensive dogging websites on the internet., with dogging locations, photos, and contacts, plus they provide maps and directions for dogging locations all over the UK. All content is real genuine photos and videos taken by members and uploaded by members.

  • What is Dogging – Rather than us explain what dogging is, we thought it would be best coming from the words of one of the UK’s most famous dogging female’s, so in Rachel’s own words this is what dogging is….
  • Dogging is raw, dogging is animalistic, dogging is filthy and anonymous – you can get as much cock as you can handle and all at the click of your fingers

    A dark dingy car park, the only lights are of those from car head lights, feeling your excitement build as each and every car pulls into the car park and hearing the tyres on the gravel you know that in every car is a filthy horny bloke with balls full of cum just looking for a willing hole to dump their loads inside

    Standing over the bonnet of the car, keeping your eyes closed you simply have no clue who is touching you, where your going to be touched but oh boy it feels good!

    Your pussy is tingling with desire, you don’t care who it is but you need fucking, and fucking good and hard – spreading your legs you entice your hard cock stranger to push himself inside you, allowing him access to you most intimate and private area of your body without a care in the world

    Your feeling slutty, sexy and extremely aroused – you just want cock!!
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Activity ‘increases’ at notorious dogging hotspots now lockdown has eased

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The UK countryside is loved by many, perhaps a little too much by some.

Whilst most people enjoy weekend walks and the views provided by nature, others prefer a trip to their local dogging hotspot for some intimate action with some strangers.

The term is slang for engaging in, or watching, sexual activity in a public place and, although it does seem an unusual hobby for some, it is most likely happening closer to home than you may want to believe.

There are no shortages of locations or people prepared to indulge in a spot of dogging with locations being advertised on

The adult swinging and dogging website provides locations with maps and directions for the whole of the UK, which allows its members to meet up with others with similar interests in engaging in sexual activities.

Although dogging itself is not illegal, people who engage in the act could be charged with a number of offences; however this can be a very grey area with several loopholes.

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Dogging After Dark – Website Update

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A whole new look for the Dogging After Dark website, after 20 years on the internet making them probably the biggest dogging website.

The website lists thousands of dogging locations for the whole of the UK with maps and directions and member reviews, contacts and meets plus photos and videos.

Why not take a look at the fresh new look

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Dogging After Dark investigate reports on a new location

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A secluded car park in the Midlands is a notorious spot for attracting dogging – people who gather to watch couples having sex in public, predominantly after dark but can sometimes occur in broad daylight.

The car park can be difficult to spot from the road, and the only entrance by car is through quite a narrow gap.

After parking up in the lay-by besides the car park, the After Dark team made their way through a gap in the fence to see what lay beyond and if this new location warranted photos and maps for the online member’s area.

Alongside one edge of the car park were some trees and a country path leading into the woods.

The team were on the hunt for tell-tale signs of sexual activity happening in the area, and noticed an unusual amount of wet wipes in the area and empty condom packets littered around and underneath the bushes.

Dogging is usually something which happens late at night, under the cover of darkness in a secluded spot, so they were not expecting to come across any activity, However the signs are obvious and there were several cars parked up, which again would indicate this location is being used for local dogging.

You can find this location listed in the main member’s area on after dark, and listed in the Forums together with over a thousand secluded known locations for the whole of the UK.

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