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Devon dogging location

A Devon location between Honiton and Exeter is once again reported to be gaining huge popularity with couples and singles going there to take part in dogging late at night.

It would appear this location is proving popular on most nights of the week, not just weekends and is popular due to its location and easy access being right on the A30.

Over the past three months we have seen a huge increase in new dogging locations listed for Devon and the South West on dogging after dark, all with full detailed maps and directions, enabling its members to easily find these popular locations and also arrange online in the forums when is the best time to meet up with other couples and singles whom are members and indulge in dogging.

A string of other popular locations is listed between Yeovil and Exeter all along the A30, and various others along the M5 corridor between Bristol and Exeter. Although the website lists locations for the whole of the UK, the Midlands and South West and Kent appear to be having the most new dogging locations listed on a weekly basis.


Dogging has been around and taking place a lot longer than most people imagine, we interviewed twelve members from dogging after dark, the website has been on the internet since 1999, however all the members we spoke to claim to have been involved in dogging since 1990.
It would appear there is a great deal of confusion regarding the whole concept of dogging in the UK, and most people who try to get involved in this hugely popular sexual pastime are under the impression that all they have to do is pull into a dogging location and they will instantly see couples having sex in and around their cars. Quite honestly this is a total myth, along with flashing of headlamps, brake lights and interior lights.
Dogging in the UK really does seem to have a whole social lifestyle attached to it, and a lot of members will simply meet up to chat and drink coffee, exchange tips on local beauty spots and just general meet and chat with friends old and new. It would also seem apparent that dogging is “waiting game”, you can’t simply expect to pull into a car park and see or get involved in any sexual activities within minutes or hours of arriving, and more often than not you will need to be extremely patient and visit the same spot for several weeks and sometimes months before you are lucky enough to get involved with others.
The people involved in dogging appear to be a very close knit community and it can take a newcomer a long time to be spotted and accepted by them into what is a whole social community. Rather than the whole myth of flashing lights and trying to do various discreet signals, it would appear it is simply a case of getting out of your car and striking up a conversation with other people waiting in the same car park.

We spoke to several members of After Dark who say more often than not they will visit a dogging spot several times over a period of several weeks before they actually make an plans to engage in any activities, it can take several weeks or months before they feel comfortable enough to engage in any sexual activity and they spend time evaluating the location and what people come and go and different nights.

Dogging Rachel

The UK’s most prolific dogger “Rachel Reveals” has announced yet another full dogging tour of the UK at the end of June. The famous Rachel plans to embark on a national tour of all the largest dogging locations around the UK – dates and times to be announced on her own dogging website and the After Dark dogging forums.

In a recent interview Rachel disclosed the locations of several new dogging hotspots that she will be visiting during her tour, and confirmed that dogging is most definitely on the increase and as popular as ever, and with 19,000 followers on Twitter we can see why Rachel is so popular in the UK. You also only have to put “dogging cumslut” into Google and see what comes up.

Rachel has been running her own dogging website since 2006 and also during this time has been closely associated with the After Dark Forums, one of the biggest dogging and swinger’s websites on the internet since 1999.

Dogging signals

The most current dogging reports on one of the largest dogging websites in the UK, reports that the flashing of lights and interior lights to signal if couples and singles are interested in playing, is really just a myth. 

Couples posting on the websites dogging forums say that in most cases they do not use the signalling of lights to attract other doggers, the action is usually started simply by opening the window and striking up a conversation with other people who are there. 

They say it is far easier to say good evening to someone who is walking past the car and then strike up a conversation and steer this towards something sexual rather than sitting there and flashing tail lights and interior lights at each other for hours on end with no one having the courage to actually get of the car and come over.

Dogging legend “Rachel Reveals” who is a member of the dogging forums, was quoted saying “Why the hell should I get out of my car and totter around a car park in the dark in my short skirt, stockings and heels, looking for guys to play with” She believes that guys should make the first move simply by walking over and saying hello and striking up a conversation that would then lead to some dogging fun.