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Dogging Devon in the news again

A small secluded area in east Devon has been named as one of the latest dogging hotspots in the area.

The small car park is not gated, and so is open to any kind of activity day or night.  Adverts placed on the ever popular After Dark website quote that the car park is a hive of dogging activity on Friday and Saturday evenings and into the early hours of the mornings.

Doggers usually find each other amid Internet forums and newsgroups. It’s much quicker than popping into every park in the area looking for action. Some dogging forums will post time and place of these events. Other times they ask doggers to reply with their mobile phone number then use text messages to reveal the location, to ensure it remains secret.

Gloucester car park

A small public car park on the outskirts of Gloucester has recently been listed on dogging afterdark as a new hot-spot for adults who engage in the activity known as “dogging”, The site reports that the small car park has become inundated with vehicles during the early hours, mostly between midnight and 2am.

Dogging appears to be a popular activity all over the UK with websites like listing locations and providing its members with maps and directions to find local beauty spots and car parks that are used for this kind of activity.

Blacdown Hills beauty spot – new dogging location

A new dogging location listed on a website , has been reported as one of the fastest growing new dogging location in the South West.

The popular beauty spot has a large secluded car park that is now being used late at night by couples and singles looking for sexual fun after dark in cars and outdoors in public.

The website which provides maps and directions together with dates and times of proposed “dogging meets”, bills the new location as the place to go in the south west if you want after dark frolics with strangers.

Sex capital of Britain with nearly 100 major dogging sites

  • Area including Claygate,  Esher, Oxshott, Weybridge and Cobham is among the most popular sites for  anonymous public sex
  • Surrey is the nation’s public sex capital  with 93 regular dogging hotspots
  • Website directs doggers to the entrance  drive of a Surrey golf club

Its leafy lanes and idyllic charm have helped  make it one of the most desirable places to live in Britain.

But the sordid goings-on in some of its car  parks and woods have elevated one exclusive corner of Surrey to the top of a  rather more unsavoury list.

The Elmbridge district, which includes the  wealthy commuter villages of Claygate, Esher, Oxshott, Weybridge and Cobham, is  among the most popular ‘dogging’ hotspots in the country.

In total, Surrey has 93 – double the tally  two years ago – making it the nation’s public sex capital, according to figures  from a Freedom of Information request.

Out of 222 outdoor sex sites known to police  across the UK, Surrey has almost half. In addition to the ten sites in  Elmbridge, Guildford has 16, Reigate and Banstead 13, and Mole Valley and Surrey  Heath 12 each.

Residents complain of finding condoms, sex  toys and pornographic magazines littering local beauty spots. Dominic Raab, Tory  MP for Esher and Walton, said: ‘Public places, especially woods and parks, are  for everyone to enjoy. Endorsing them as communal pick-up joints is  wrong. 

‘I’ve had complaints from women  walking  their dogs alone who were propositioned, and many parents don’t  want to take  their children anywhere near that kind of environment.’

The figures were revealed after the Mail  asked police forces across the  country to disclose the number of ‘public-sex  environments’ (PSEs) they  monitor.