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Golden Holkham Beach

GLORIOUS, golden Holkham Beach has long been the haunt of royalty – but now it  is also the unlikely setting for a sordid sex scandal

The Norfolk beauty spot, just down the road from the Queen’s Sandringham  Estate, has for decades reserved a discrete section for nudists.

But from Monday nudists will be banned from the area — with police backing —   after complaints about dogging, gay orgies and grubby propositions to  passers-by.

Now it’s my job to go starkers to discover the naked truth about what is  really going on among the dunes.

The Holkham Estate, which owns the beach, has decided enough is enough — even  though the nudists insist they are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Some locals suspect it’s just an excuse to cleanse the area because  Sandringham’s Anmer Hall has been earmarked as the new country residence of  Wills and Kate and there will soon be a new royal beach baby.

Filthy secrets of Folkestone’s secret doggers

HUNDREDS of people in Shepway are signed up to a “dogging” website and  looking to have sex with strangers in outdoor locations in the district.

Within a few hours of a reporter setting up a brief profile on the site, he  was inundated with 25 messages from people looking to have “fun, whenever you  want.”

The lack of a profile picture or any other personal information did not deter  those looking for a secret meet-up, with one person asked if he was a “bad lad”  and another asking if he had any friends who wanted to join in or watch.

A search on the website dogging after dark showed there were 3,976 members within 25 miles of  Shepway, including 61 in Folkestone, Hythe, New Romney and Lydd. Many choose to  have profile pictures, many of which are of a pornographic nature, and their  ages range between 18 and 55.

The link to the website was found on a YouTube video, which Father Richard  Barns, of Littlestone, fears could be clicked on by unaware children.

He said: “I’m quite liberal-minded with what people do, but it’s the apparent  easy way children could find (and follow) the link which concerns me most.

“Say a child found the website and then linked it to his or her Facebook  page, thinking it was a bit of fun – what if the person in the video was a  parent of one of their friends?”

A YouTube spokesman said: “YouTube is a community site used by millions of  people in very positive ways. Sadly as with any form of communication, there is  a tiny minority of people who try to break the rules.”

Hog’s Back ‘dogging’ site hit by vandals

VANDALS have struck at a Puttenham beauty spot that previously gained notoriety as a dogging area.

Last year, Surrey County Council passed responsibility for managing the land on the Hog’s Back to Puttenham Parish Council, which wanted to provide a safer place for the community to visit and encourage wildlife back to the site.

In the past, the A31 lay-by has been plagued with inappropriate behaviour from groups of people meeting for sex.

Villagers said they felt intimidated, as it was visible from homes and they were scared to let their children play in nearby fields.

Ramblers have also stumbled on the public sex site and discovered pornographic magazines, litter and underwear scattered among the bushes.

Councillor Richard Griggs, of Puttenham Parish Council, said since they started the Hog’s Back Wildlife Conservation Project, the site was less commonly used for sexual activity but there were still a couple of pockets of activity in the shrubbery.

website lists Clackmannanshire dogging directory

A SHOCKING online directory showcases Clackmannanshire as a dogger’s delight.

The website, called Dogging AfterDark, highlights several hotspots around the county where participants can meet like-minded people.

In the Tillicoultry entry, a man claims a sex act was performed on him after he’d noticed flashing headlights and couples swapping partners while out walking his dog at the car park at Tilly Glen.

He states, “I’m there every Thursday now.”

Another man, who frequents a car park at the foot of the Ochils in Menstrie, adds, “I go there often with the misses (sic) so look out for me.”

Late night frolics in Forestmill – deemed “popular with truckers” – have been put to a stop due to the installation of CCTV, however the car park at Alloa’s West End Park is earmarked as another post-10pm rendezvous point.

When asked if he’d received any complaints about dogging in Tilly, councillor Archie Drummond jokingly said, “It wasn’t me.”

On a more serious note, he added, “First time I’ve heard about it. I’m really surprised if it’s been going on – you would hear about that type of thing. If it is, it’s a matter for the police.”

Dogging is a euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so.

As observation is encouraged, voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with the practice.

Agony aunt  Kristiane Rodgerson shed some light on what compels people to have sex, sometimes with people they have never met, in a public place while others watch.

She said, “The thrill of sex with strangers or having strangers watch while we have sex with a partner seems almost alien to most of us, or perhaps a bit extreme, but for doggers this is the norm.


ESSEX has been exposed as the “dogging capital of the UK” after it featured in a shocking Channel 4 show.

The county, which has gained a  reputation for vajazzles and spray tans thanks to TOWIE, is now just as famous for kinky dogging sex.

Almost two million viewers were glued to Dogging Tales on Thursday night.

It featured couples wearing animal masks having nookie in car parks and woods and getting a big thrill by letting strangers join in or watch.

The dogging venue exposed in the show was High Beech in Epping Forest.

Twitter went into meltdown from viewers who said they planned to visit the area to have a look.

There are also car parks, lay-bys and woodland spots in and around Chelmsford, Basildon, Romford, Southend, Colchester, Harlow and Brentwood designated on the internet by a website “Dogging After Dark” as Essex dogging sites.

‘Dogging’ craze is back at car parks in Sunderland

Couples have been spotted taking part in sex acts at Whitburn’s Lizard Point car park since it was reopened after the winter season.

Now fears are growing the spot could become a regular haunt for the sordid “dogging” craze – which hit the headlines this week after footballer Stan Collymore was caught prowling for casual sex in a Staffordshire car park.

Peter Collins, National Trust warden for Whitburn Coastal Park, said: “This appears to be one of the places where people come for this type of thing.

“The place has been shut for a few weeks but is now open again and there was a couple there just the other day.”

Last year, a sleazy website promoted the beauty spot to other “doggers” looking to meet up with strangers.

Comments posted on the site suggest the car park is a favourite for transvestites, transsexuals and young gay men, although no reports of this type of activity have been received.

Last year, two men were arrested on suspicion of carrying out indecent acts at Ryhope Dene, on Sunderland’s coastline.

It later emerged the area had been identified as a suitable “meeting point” for men on gay chatrooms and internet web pages.

Evidence had been uncovered by police which suggests men from across the region were regularly meeting at the beauty spot to have sex.

Inspector Paul Foggin, from Sunderland West Area Command, said: “We have received no reports of anything like this since last June.”

Dogging got its name from people who walked dogs as an excuse to meet strangers for sex – watching them is called “piking”.

Mr Collins added: “People come in both on foot and in their cars.”

34 ‘dogging’ locations listed across County Londonderry

ALMOST four thousand people across Londonderry and Donegal are registered members of a website openly advocating exotic lifestyle practices in some of the North West’s most popular outdoor public spaces.

Last month DUP Alderman Maurice Devenney called for action to stop people carrying out lewd sexual acts in Prehen and Ness Wood. He told the Sentinel there had been an escalation in indecent behaviour, commonly known as ‘dogging.’

He was contacted by people in a distressed state who had accidentally stumbled upon people engaged in such exotic activities. Now the Sentinel can reveal that 3,729 people in Counties Londonderry and Donegal have signed up to ‘Swing4Ireland,’ which claims to be ‘Ireland’s number 1 swinging site!’ ‘Swinging’ according to the website is the phenomenon of couples and single people “attempting to meet exciting sensuous people who are interested in the same of similar lifestyle activities.”

In Londonderry this is manifest by people openly advertising places such as Ervey Woods and Prehen Playing Fields as well as areas in the vicinity of a number of well-known public bars as meeting places for ‘dogging.’

One individual purporting to be a 39-year-old single man and describing himself as a “discreet, good-looking professional” looking for “no strings attached fun” recommends Ervey Woods as a site for ‘dogging’ and “daytime and evening fun.”

Another, claiming to be a 38-year-old single man describes himself as “sex mad Ryan” and recommends Prehen Playing Fields for ‘dogging.’

There’s a monthly swinging club run out of private flats in Donegal, advertised on the website. According to the people behind the ‘Unique Swinger Club’ a group meets once a month at an undisclosed venue to ‘swing.’

Across the island Londonderry was in 14th place in terms of membership with 1,670 members. This was surpassed by Donegal, which was in 12th place with 2,059 members. In Tyrone membership was much lower at 913 members. The website dogging afterdark has been on the internet since 1999, providing its members with full lists of dogging locations including maps and directions.