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Dogging in the UK today

Dogging in the UK today has grown to become more popular than ever and with the roadmap out of lockdown the craze for sex in car parks and secluded locations is resuming throughout the UK.

Public locations such as laybys, country parks, beauty spots, beaches, public toilets, public parks, forests and other vacant rural areas. The main distinguishing factor between normal ordinary sex and dogging is the audience or spectators. And the involvement of random total strangers who seek out these secluded country locations to indulge in sexual after dark fun with other likeminded people.

Thanks to websites like Dogging After Dark, doggers now have a better way of establishing meeting places and contacts to arrange local meets. Contacts were previously made in person and were limited to known locations such as country parks that were made famous within the dogging community until the police uncovered and closed down these places. The After Dark websites have forums and other websites to allow its members to find the very latest best places to visit and when to go as well as providing detailed reviews, maps and directions, making it so easy for its members to arrange meet ups or join in with other members who have posted when and where they are going to be dogging.

Take a look and browse through the directory of dogging locations and latest hotspots in the UK and then view the posts of local meets that are scheduled all over the UK.