Where to go dogging?

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Ever wanted to go dogging but not really sure where to go or where to find out where there are dogging car parks and places to go in your local area?

Dogging after dark has been on the internet since 1999, listing dogging locations and places all over the UK where dogging takes place. However the big difference between this website and most other dogging websites on the internet, is dogging after dark as well as listing thousands of dogging locations, they also provide detailed descriptions and directions together with maps and photos so that you can easily find out where to go and how to get there.

The website has over ten thousand UK members, a huge database of dogging locations as well as thousands of photos and videos, all uploaded by members of its website, providing what is most probably the largest dogging website on the internet.

They update the dogging locations on a weekly basis and are adding new maps and directions and updates on dogging locations in your area on a regular basis.

It certainly makes finding a local dogging location a lot easier when you have a detailed map and directions to hand and you know exactly where you are going and if that particular dogging location is secure and not patrolled by local Police or authorities.

Dogging After Dark