Dogging signals

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The most current dogging reports on one of the largest dogging websites in the UK, reports that the flashing of lights and interior lights to signal if couples and singles are interested in playing, is really just a myth. 

Couples posting on the websites dogging forums say that in most cases they do not use the signalling of lights to attract other doggers, the action is usually started simply by opening the window and striking up a conversation with other people who are there. 

They say it is far easier to say good evening to someone who is walking past the car and then strike up a conversation and steer this towards something sexual rather than sitting there and flashing tail lights and interior lights at each other for hours on end with no one having the courage to actually get of the car and come over.

Dogging legend “Rachel Reveals” who is a member of the dogging forums, was quoted saying “Why the hell should I get out of my car and totter around a car park in the dark in my short skirt, stockings and heels, looking for guys to play with” She believes that guys should make the first move simply by walking over and saying hello and striking up a conversation that would then lead to some dogging fun.