Dogging TV show triggers huge reaction as Lincolnshire Police urge common sense approach to dogging

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The layby on Great Coates Road in Grimsby, between Healing and Great Coates,  close to the A1136 road which leads to the A180 – a popular dogging spot
LINCOLNSHIRE Police have urged doggers to take a common sense approach to sex  in public places.

It follows a documentary – Dogging Tales, shown on Channel 4 last night,  which provoked huge reaction on social networking sites

Dogging is a growing craze, especially in rural areas such as  Lincolnshire.

There are now dogging networks online where people can set up meetings  before-hand and Horseshoe Point seems to be a meeting place they all  recommend.

However, Terry Ball, Lincolnshire Police’s Inspector for the Community  Policing Teams in the Wolds says sex in a public place is common and only  becomes a problem when others notice.

He said: “The issue of Public Sex Environments is certainly not a new  one.

“Individuals or groups of individuals from many cultures and genres use  public spaces to meet and sometimes to engage in sexual activity.

“This can sometimes be seen as outraging public decency but on many occasions  vast sections of our communities do not even know it is happening.

“There is a fine line when dealing with such situations, as for some, this is  an accepted practice with strict codes of conduct.