Should there be official ‘dogging’ areas?

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Should there be official ‘dogging’ areas?

There have been quite a lot of talks recently in the media about the possibility of providing designated dogging parking areas

Local council should provide “clearly marked areas” in the city’s forests and parks.

“Clearly signposted designated spaces within our public forests and parks with dedicated parking would allow enthusiasts of outdoor sex (both as participants and observers) to enjoy their hobby without accidental interruption by those of us making more traditional use of outdoor spaces with our dogs, kids, bikes, and friends.”

It is not illegal to engage in sexual activity outdoors but there are a number of offences which could result from this, such as causing alarm and distress to others, outraging public indecency or exposure.

Criminal offences under the Sexual Offence Act 2003 include engaging in sexual activity in a public lavatory, while exposure with intent to cause alarm or distress and voyeurism on people engaged in a private act without their consent are also criminal offences.