Council refuses to close ‘dogging’ lay-by

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A COUNCIL has refused to close a notorious “dogging” lay-by despite pleas from the public, local councillors and police.

A lay-by close to The Swan House roundabout, near Darlington, has become notorious as a meeting point for “doggers” and “cruisers” – people who engage in voyeuristic sexual acts in public.

Despite a recent police crackdown, the lay-by continues to be used by thrill-seekers, with more than 80 warning letters sent to people caught in the area since August.

A spokeswoman from Darlington Borough Council said: “The council is aware of the problem and our highways officers have met with police and local ward councillors to look at ways to tackle the issue.

“This activity is not condoned in any way, the agreed approach is for the police to undertake enforcement and a recent joint meeting with police and ward councillors suggests this is having an impact with numerous enforcement letters already issued.

“There is a concern that closing the lay-by will simply move the problem somewhere else, which does not resolve the problem.

“The lay-by is used for legitimate reasons throughout the day and to close it may not necessarily resolve the problem.