Dogging After Dark

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Dogging After Dark is one of the largest dogging websites for UK doggers. This is a website filled with different features that appeal to those of us that love the dogging lifestyle. Most of the content on the website is sent in by actual doggers from different dogging locations around the UK. This is a great place to find unique and fresh dogging experiences because there are new videos uploaded weekly. Not only are the videos great, the forum is filled with people that love to dog and they don’t mind making connections in the dogging community through the site.


Registration is pretty simple. Since this is a completely paid site, you click on the join now button from the free tour page. You decide which payment program you want to take advantage of and it walks you through the rest of the process. It’s so simple you can even join by phone.

Free Features:

Dogging After Dark is a completely paid members site so there are really no free features available to non-members. There is a free tour you can take that describes the various features available to members. It has a gallery of various girls dogging with groups of guys and some couples getting it on as well. There are a couple of preview movies you can watch to get a feel for the footage that you’ll find on the site.

At the bottom of the page there are buttons that take you to their forum pages and glory hole tour page. On the forums pages you can view the non-member threads, but you cannot post or reply to any posts unless you’re a member. So all in all we found a lot of information to help us make a better decision about joining DoggingAfterDark.

Paid Features:

Obviously, by becoming a paid member we gained access to the entire site. Once the membership is paid, you get carte blanche to everything you need to know to continue with your dogging adventures. When we paid the membership, the best part of the website was unlocked, namely the forum. The forum was mind-blowing to us because we were able to talk to other members directly and we were kept up on the latest dogging places. We like to meet new people and go dogging as often as possible. This forum was able to help us accomplish that. We got to meet and dog a lot of new people, because Dogging After Dark also had location maps and directions. So even if you were just traveling to the area for the first time and weren’t sure how to get there, the maps and directions made sure you found your way there. The forum and maps were our favorite features of DoggingAfterDark.

We also got access to many more videos and the videos are real. They are taped and uploaded by members of the site. The fact that these are amateur videos being filmed and uploaded is just as good as being there. When we aren’t able to go dogging, work/life commitments, we are able to get online and dog in spirit. And on top of that we also gained access to all the After Dark sites. Talk about a nice bonus.


There are a couple different prices structures that people can choose from. When it comes to paying money, we don’t like to spend our dogging dollars on something that isn’t worth it but this is one bill that we happily paid. There is a one year membership that can be paid all at once. A monthly subscription and also an amazing offer for a one off LifeTime Membership. For those that love the dogging lifestyle, paying is worth every penny.


There are so many things that could be said for this site. This is a site for those that love to dog like we do. We love the fact that DoggingAfterDark lists different dogging gatherings and meeting places. It’s exciting to know that the people we chat with on the forums are the ones that we could be with that night. It’s also just as exciting to know that one day we may look up and see our images all over the internet, doing what we love to do.

We don’t like some of the pricing structure for Dogging After Dark but the annual and LifeTime membership is something that we can agree has the best pricing. Paying is worth everything that we get access to. The fact that we have the forum to rely on, the videos to watch when we aren’t there and the maps of the locations of meet up places is something worth paying. We get more than enough pleasure out of it. Well, and then there are the bonus sites. So what are you waiting for!