‘Dogging’ patrols to be stepped up in Belsay

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POLICE are stepping up patrols in the Northumberland countryside after  growing complaints over “dogging” on a secluded former road.

Villagers at Belsay in Northumberland say so-called “dogging” – car occupants  meeting for sex – is steadily on the increase. Now police are to tighten up  their watch on the site close to the A696 at Nunhill.

Although no arrests have been made, complaints from residents at the  exclusive village have grown in recent years.

Local councillor Richard Dodd said: “This has been going on for three or four  years and it’s something residents who live within a few hundred yards of have  become quite upset over.

“I’ve brought it up before and the police have been involved before but if  it’s going to be a constant problem I will pursue it further.

“This is a part of the old road that was there before the A696 was built and  you often see half a dozen or so car headlights in there. It’s also used by  poachers, and I’ve looked at whether the road can be got rid of – but the  problem is there are utilities under there.”