‘Perverts in Detling woods making our lives a misery’

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Lurid activity is taking place just yards from family homes in Detling.

Nine years after perverted goings on in woods off the A249 were revealed, its “dogging” problem has moved to another green spot further up the hill.

The lay-by at Longreach Woods was closed-off in 2003, but deviant thrill-seekers are using a site just past the popular Kent County Showground.

A slip road leading to Detling Aerodrome Estate has become a seedy siren for strangers to engage in lurid liaisons.

“They do it over the bonnet of their cars, in between their cars…” – man living near ‘dogging’ site

It is taking place in full view of Bimbury Lane homeowners who overlook the private road.

A resident of 47 years said the situation was “beyond a joke”.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: “Headlights shine across our back windows all hours of the night.

“Christmas Day, Boxing Day, they’re out there all year round.

“When I take my dog for a walk I’m constantly intimidated by people saying, ‘What are you looking at?’

“They do it over the bonnet of their cars, in between their cars, I’ve even seen one bloke jump from a lorry in just his pants.”

One resident recorded 36 cars “cruising” behind her house between 7pm and midnight on Thursday, March 29.

The closure of Longreach Woods lay-by has received unanimous blame for the indecent behaviour on their doorstep, which has also seen parts of this area of natural beauty covered in used needles and condoms.

Jurgen Dittus, 50, who lives in Bimbury Lane with his wife and 21-year-old daughter, said: “It’s 90% men and when I drive past after working late you can see them in trees exposing themselves.”

Following residents’ complaints, police have stopped 40 cars in the area in the last month which it is claimed has reduced reports of anti-social behaviour. No arrests were made

Sgt Nick Hatcher said: “We will continue to monitor and respond to any further reports.”