Puttenham in control of Hog’s Back ‘dogging’ land

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A NEW incentive has been launched allowing Puttenham Parish Council to manage an area of the Hog’s Back known as a notorious public sex site.

Surrey County Council has handed over responsibilty of the land between the A31 and the village to the parish council, along with a £25,000 endowment to help the small authority maintain the site.

Members of the parish council have led the initiative, as they thought the Puttenham community was better placed to respond to local issues than the county council.

Richard Griggs, Puttenham parish councillor, said: “We will now be able to manage this area of land and ensure that the local community can enjoy use of it once again.”

Tony Rooth, leader of Guildford Borough Council, and representative for the Pilgrims ward which includes Puttenham, said it was a very positive move.

“The sexual activity, including dogging, has been quite prevalent at the Hog’s Back lay-by for several years now, and it has clearly presented an increasing problem to the young children at the school in the village and their parents,” Cllr Rooth added.

“There was a lot of public reaction and local concern, which I was very much in support of as borough councillor and as my time as county councillor.”

Cllr Rooth said the county council had tried to get the lay-by closed and restrict access by shutting it at night and early in the morning, but allowing the cafe that operates on the site to remain open.

“But that was not going to work,” he added.

“The local people now have the power and the responsibilty to deal with the local situation.

“I’m hopeful that this will bring an end to the real concerns for parents that their children at the village school may be affected by sexual activities which should not be anywhere near the village.