Tewkesbury Borough Council to tackle ‘dogging’ hotspot

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A wooded area close to the A38 in Gloucestershire advertised as an area “to meet and have sex” is being monitored by police and council staff.

Tewkesbury Borough Council said activities on Brockeridge Common were causing concern to local residents and creating a litter problem.

A spokesman said it was speaking to the landowner to make the area more visible in an attempt to deter “dogging”.

He added residents were being asked to let police know of any incidents.

The council spokesman said the area had been advertised on websites and people were parking at the lay-by by Brockeridge Common before jumping over a fence into woodland.

Legally, the issue of dogging is a grey area as those taking part are committing no offence unless they are witnessed by a member of the public who can be defined as “outraged” in the eyes of the law.