Thoughts on dogging

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Dogging is one of those kinks that some people view as strange. It is one of those sexual pleasures that people view as odd, one of those ideas that will bring about thoughts about people who have had something bad happen to them when they were children. Dogging is a bit like BDSM; people who are more vanilla sometimes believe that the person with the kinks is a little disgusting. There is a problem; people with kinks are not disgusting, they aren’t all what everyone is imagining. Some people believe that dogging is for people that can only have sex outside and are for people that just enjoy making people uncomfortable but I have met people who just enjoy it because it feels good to be like that, it feels good to be naughty and that is the similar reason for BDSM. People feel good with being less vanilla than society is usually. So, people dogging is just because they wish to have fun and we are going to explore that later on in this article. So, strap in and let’s see what we are dealing with.  

Dogging, in 2003, was reported by the BBC. It was reported that a dogging craze was being fuelled; saying that the internet and text messaging were fuelling a practice which involved unprotected sex with strangers in public parks. One aspect of dogging with protection is rather apparent and it is that doing it unprotected can lead to getting a sexually transmitted infection, there is a way to combat this within the dogging community however and that is to wear protection. Get a pack of condoms and wear them if you are going dogging because that will dramatically decrease the chance of getting anything and, as a man, I don’t want to accidentally get nine girls pregnant. That is a lot of money going out of my pocket for a week of fun. So, if someone where to go dogging, I would tell them to always wear protection as to disallow the possibility of infections and unwanted pregnancy. Apart from that, that is one of the only problems with dogging is that you could, if you aren’t carry protection, get an infection or get a few people pregnant if you are into heterosexual dogging. 

The thing about dogging is that it can be illegal considering UK laws. The situation, for example, is that, because of the Sexual Offences Act of 2003, it is an offence to have sex in a public lavatory. You would think that would make all public sex illegal but the public sex laws are open to multiple interpretations. The most the law, as I have researched, can do about someone dogging is that if someone, a member of the public, witnesses the event and they can be defined as “outraged” in the eyes of the law. Then, even from what I could see, there isn’t a lot to go off of with that description because it doesn’t mean a lot. It just means someone is really angry about what was going or they were injured by it. There is no real way to arrest someone dogging unless they are having sex in a public toilet or the person that happens upon the sex is angry about it, for some reason. You can even note that there has been a rise in venues that allow public sex because, possibly, there is a more relaxed approach to the enforcement of these public sex laws since the 1990’s. There venues are often called SOPVs, which mean Sex on Premises Venues. They usually are commercial venues that allow men who want to have sex with men to meet and have sex with each other. There is another term that is called “an on-premises club”, this is a different kind of SOPV as it is commonly used by straight swingers and is to describe a club which there is sexual activity taking place between clients or even club members. Although the term SOPV is usually used to pay respect to MSM (Men who have Sex with Males), in the Sex Work Act in Australia, the term is defined as “a venue where a person is required to pay an admission fee or a charge to enter the venue for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities with another person who has also entered the venue on the same terms and who did not receive any form of payment or reward, whether directly, or indirectly, for engaging in sexual activities.” There is a lot of support for this Act, mainly because it is gender neutral and allows the term SOPV to be used to mean both genders and for people not to have to change between two separate words for essentially the same place. There is, however, backlash against this act as the wording explicitly excludes brothels, which many people like and wish to go to. Many people see it as a step forward to a world of “sexual freedom”.  

Some people don’t view dogging as mentally proper. There are some that view it as something that is showing the destruction of our morality of society as a whole, they say that dogging is a way to increase drugs in our youth and alcohol abuse as well. I don’t believe this, I don’t believe that allowing people the freedom to do something they wish will increase the drug use or alcohol abuse as, and for starters, it is hardly like there would be a thousand person orgy in the middle of a park for all to see. I don’t believe the people that like dogging would be able to schedule that massive of an orgy, it isn’t something that will be the cause of a massive social evil. Humans don’t work that way. Everything will be fine, even if dogging was completely legal. 

Dog all you want. Enjoy yourselves.