Where do you go dogging? – Dogging Locations

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How do you find out where to go and what are the best locations in your local area.

It is fair to say that predominantly dogging takes place in country parks and wooded car parks, places such as beauty spots and areas where it is secluded late at night as normally you would only expect to find people engaging in this activity after 11pm in the evening and midnight being a very popular time with most couples and singles.

Explore the links we provide to websites that offer locations that are updated weekly, quite often with maps and directions and the best time to visit and where to park amongst other useful information to enable you to take part. If this is something that is totally new to you then do your research first as it is not as simple as just driving to a locations and finding action immediately. You really will need to spend some time reading up and researching the information and what better place than on the After Dark websites.

Doggingafterdark.com has had an internet presence since 1999, making the website one of the most established websites on the internet and as well as it’s dogging community you will also find a huge amount of videos, photos, contacts, a forum to arrange meets and discuss locations and their current status, plus chat to other members and pre-arrange meets. Although some would say pre-arranged is not “real” proper dogging.

You will find the locations are updated regular and will include advice on the best places to visit and what the current status of that particular location is at the current time as many locations do get flooded or closed up and locked down, and some can be patrolled regular.

It is also important to follow the rules, stay safe and stay legal, all of this information can be found easily online.