Sunday Paper Lists Dogging Spots

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As dogging gets ever more mainstream, the Midland’s only regional Sunday newspaper, with a certified readership of 120,000+, The Sunday Mercury, has chosen to publish twenty places to go dogging in the Midlands in its edition printed last week.

Quite detailed descriptions too. Here’s just one sample for you…

Barr Beacon – The car park near Aldridge, just off the A454. The dark top area near the bandstand, a good place for couples to watch or be watched.

Although the award winning Sunday Mercury is primarily a family paper, it clearly knows what its readers wants, and as well as providing details such as this, it also provides some dogging etiquette tips for its readers including “The rules are if you have your inside light on it means that you want other couples to watch,” and “If the light is off, that means you want to be left alone.” as well as “if you have dipped headlights, it means you are on your own, looking for action.”

The feature in the paper is called Revealed: The secret seedy dogging spots in the Midlands where you can have sex with strangers. Yes, this paper really has chosen to publish details of where you can have sex with strangers. This is the first instance we have ever come across a Sunday Paper Listing Dogging Spots. How the world has changed!

The Sunday Mercury feature starts with “A footpath by a police station, fields next to an historic abbey and a famous Midland beauty spot are all on a list of sites where strangers meet for sex in front of seedy spectators. The kinky practice – know as ‘dogging’ – involves adventurous couples performing sex acts in cars or in secluded areas while others watch.” The paper even goes on to say that “the activity falls through a legal loophole – because it is not an offence to have sex in public unless it is witnessed by someone who is “outraged” by the goings-on.”

Sunday Mercury researchers found hundreds of dogging sex sites spread across the Midlands, some of them in remarkable places including a footpath in the centre of affluent Solihull right next to the town’s Police station.

If you would like to know more about where to go dogging in the West Midlands, or anywhere in the UK for that matter, we recommend our comprehensive UK Dogging Spots locator.