Village lane used as a dogging site

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Strangers using a secluded copse near Kirtlington for outdoor sex have been moved on by police.

The practice of meeting strangers for sex in a public place, known as dogging, had been taking place at a small wood along Port Way.

Police took action after a female jogger came across a naked man running out of the copse two months ago.

After an investigation, the man was arrested but released without charge and Kidlington officers began patrolling the area to deter future sexual activities.

Sergeant Colin Travi, of Kidlington police, said: “We have had a few complaints. My officers have made follow-up visits and we have done some patrols out there.

“Those partaking in the activity have been warned not to frequent the area for sexual purposes.”

He added: “If they want to practice some illicit sexual act, they should do so in the privacy of their own home and not in a public place where some people may be offended.”

He said he did not know how long the area had been used as a dogging site.