Dirty dogging news

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I told you dogging was hitting the headlines again – Our favourite dogging slut wife Rach had her dogging antics spread all over the “Sunday Sport” and is hoping that the publicity will lead to lots more action for her UK dogging tour. If you’d like to get to know Rach’s juicy dogging cunt a lot better click on the link below to find out how to meet her and join in the dogging fun.


Birdlip dogging site sign

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Dogging sex is very much back in the news! Just thought I’d share this dogging article I found about a fake “official dogging area” sign being erected pointing towards the Barrow Wake viewpoint off the A417. Judging by the article local residents aren’t too amused and there has been a recent increased police presence at Birdlip in response so if this is one of your local dogging haunts you might want to go some where else for a while!